Consent & Boundaries in the Godspouse Community

Very well said!

Foxglove & Firmitas

Over the last few years in discussions with individuals and smaller groups of godspouses, I’ve noticed the repetition of the more experienced and public godspouses* stepping away from larger groups or backing away from being public about the nature of their relationships.  If you talk to the people stepping back, a lot of times that is due to the fact that they tend to deal with a lot of overshare from others.  I am perhaps lucky, because I’m over here working with a completely different type of situation and for the most part the larger Apollonian community in the past has been very, very good about leaving out the more private details of marital relations.  There was a generally agreed-upon rule that it wasn’t a topic to be discussed in forums or groups, and it was a close knit community specifically because that trust was there.  We weren’t going to talk about sex…

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On War Deities: Athena and the Morrigan

Interesting thoughts here about the Morrigan and Athena.

Finding the Path

I’ve been thinking a great deal about deities and their domains, or designations, or whatever you’d like to call them. Part of this was because I worked out a fictional set of religions for my NaNo novel back in November, and I’m still working out what it means for each deity to rule over what they do. I have four deities total, deities of Life, Death, Beauty, and War. Except, those aren’t really all those deities are, or all they mean.

The goddess of Death is also the goddess of mystery, the sea, and inevitability. The goddess of Beauty is also the goddess of compassion, art, and love. The god of War is also the god of protection, justice, and law.

The god of Life gives me the most trouble. He is also the god of the sun, of fire, and of prophecy. I think the association of Life with…

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It’s All About Sex: Feminism, Paganism, and Trans Exclusion

A necessary read.


When I found a first hint of my Goddess, I was twenty and alone.

No one else at my small-town-South, church-affiliated college was openly trans. I wasn’t just socially stigmatized – I lacked spiritual tools with which to understand my alienation. Then one professor, a lesbian feminist with a goddess-symbol pendant, gave me a book: Beyond God the Father by Mary Daly. Daly’s post-Catholic thealogy taught me that a male authority figure wasn’t the only sort of God. Soon, I found a sacred place under an oleander tree and prayed to “the goddess;” within a few years, I’d gone through the Goddess Movement to the Meter Theon’s devotional service and the vows I’m under today.

In large part, Mary Daly set me free.

However, had I actually met her, she would’ve wanted nothing to do with me. Daly helped found what today we call the TERF movement: Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism, a strain…

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