On War Deities: Athena and the Morrigan

Interesting thoughts here about the Morrigan and Athena.

Finding the Path

I’ve been thinking a great deal about deities and their domains, or designations, or whatever you’d like to call them. Part of this was because I worked out a fictional set of religions for my NaNo novel back in November, and I’m still working out what it means for each deity to rule over what they do. I have four deities total, deities of Life, Death, Beauty, and War. Except, those aren’t really all those deities are, or all they mean.

The goddess of Death is also the goddess of mystery, the sea, and inevitability. The goddess of Beauty is also the goddess of compassion, art, and love. The god of War is also the god of protection, justice, and law.

The god of Life gives me the most trouble. He is also the god of the sun, of fire, and of prophecy. I think the association of Life with…

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Author: Morag

Morag Spinner is a writer, a witch, and an activist (sometimes all three) living in British Colmbia, Canada. Zie's fat and genderqueer, and zie crafts all manner of things, from spell jars to duct tape bags to shawls to blankets to random bits of kitsch. Zie's obsessed with chocolate and listens to far too much Evanescence.

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