A brief word of wisdom

This message heartily approved by the Morrigan.

A Nest Made of Words

Today for the time I met with my therapist of three years’ standing via online video, aka “telehealth”. We had a couple of “glitches in the matrix”, as he said, but otherwise our session was pretty normal. I carried away from it, as Pooh Bear would carry a jar of honey into a corner to get properly acquainted with it, this small nugget which I now share with you:

It feels better when you do the thing.

It can be hard to do the thing, if you are oppressed and depressed by the current pandemic and all its ramifications. It can be even harder if you suffer from depression anyway and now have the current situation to cope with on top of that. But you will feel better when you do the thing.

The thing may be the hours at home you owe your job, or the exercise you’re not…

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30 Days of Hymns, the Sacred Triad, the Morrigan #5: Revolution

With my watering can full
I will grow the seeds.

Hail to you, Mother of Revolution
Queen of the Darkness
in which it germinates

Fertilizer of new ideas
Giver of strength
to survive the winter

I will help you plant the seeds
and I will help them grow.

Plant life creeping through
concrete cracks
the very symbol of

How to start a revolution:
plant seeds
feed them
Gardening is hard work
and patience

Never rushed
was something worth doing.

When it comes time: prune,
and prune again.
Pull out the plants
that have become poisoned
by the soil
twisted beyond recognition

Tend the garden of revolution carefully.
Pull out the toxic thorns

Plant purifiers in poisoned soil
before you try to sow flowers.


With my broom and cloth
I will sweep and scrub.

Hail to you, Father of Change
King of the Time To Roll Up Your Sleeves
and put in a little elbow grease.

Cleanser of mind and soul
you who roots out corruption
and scrubs away treachery.

I will sweep with you
I will scrub away the toxins

those clamouring for bloodshed
have not yet asked:
who cleans up
in the aftermath?

pick up a cloth and start now
or admit
your revolutionary spark
is only a desire to cause pain.

Whatever first steps you take,

be ready with a dust pan and broom.
They will always be needed.

Hail to you, Parent of Re-evolution
Sovereign of Adaptation
teach us your secrets; let us
plant the seeds
scrub away the mess.

30 Days of Hymns: The Sacred Triad

Priesthood of the Ashes

Some thoughts here I think are especially relevant to the Morrigan, and my work with her.

Call of the Syren

The man placed a line of gray ash from the sacred firepit upon my forehead, above the bright sindoor red bindi he had marked me with in Kali’s temple. I felt a shudder of energy release memories of past and future; a layer of old self replaced by a new layer of meaning. There was fire behind my eyes, gray of ash and red of blood. In that instant the gravity of the experience I had just received in the temple, the shrines I had visited marking patterns of a deeper mystery, began to transform me.

* * *

She came roaring in a cloud of ash, bright flashing blade and lolling tongue. Slice, chop, red palms to hungry skulls, CRACK. Here, my child, You Are.

* * *

The boat was rocking so softly as I took my place on the very edge, toes just touching the surface of…

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