A Prayer for Daily Devotion

I wrote this the other day. The style is based off a prayer to Brighid that was written by a member of the forum I frequent. 
Sacred blood, holy land
My Queen, I heed Your command
Bless my hands, my mind, my feet
Give me courage to stay; let me know when to retreat

Bone-weary melting-soft

I fall into puddles that cannot contain me.

Her work is betimes perplexing as it is fulfilling; tiring as it is enervating.

Sometimes I wonder what in heaven’s name I am doing. My fingers are worked to the bone; I could sleep for a thousand years.

But it will always be worth it.


Today I am scrubbing my house.

I am cleaning up the mess that has been eating my life, as part of my Work for Her.

I need to respect myself, She says.

I need to take care of myself, She says.

I can’t do that in this Cthulhu-like mess.

Clean house. Then formal ritual dedicating a whip to Her. Then feast.

It’s Her holiday, so it’s special.

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