30 Days of Hymns, the Morrigan #1: Soil

Praise be upon thee,
lady of the darkened earth
dirt-caked hands
blood-smeared face
life and death
held in your arms
teach me what it is to be
a child of the earth
soil in my blood
rocks in my bones
let me dig in loamy flesh
let me find sparks of new life
let me grow anew in the land
let me bury my dead
let the soil expand, soaking up life-giving rain
let it dry
and starve us out
let us learn the story
of earth betrayed
let us know
the truth of the soil
let us be one
with the cycle
Praise be upon you,
Earthen Queen
dirt-caked face
blood-smeared hands
all the world within your arms
show us what it is to be
of the earth.

30 Days of Hymns: The Sacred Triad


Author: Morag

Morag Spinner is a writer, a witch, and an activist (sometimes all three) living in British Colmbia, Canada. Zie's fat and genderqueer, and zie crafts all manner of things, from spell jars to duct tape bags to shawls to blankets to random bits of kitsch. Zie's obsessed with chocolate and listens to far too much Evanescence.

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