Earth-centered vs. the actual Earth

Important stuff here about learning more about how the Earth actually works to make Earth worship a deeper practice.

Between Ocean and Hills

I am taking a class this quarter called Climate Change. It’s a challenging class, and while we haven’t gotten into the change part of climate change yet, we have learned a lot about climate in the first three weeks and it has gotten me thinking about Earth-centered paganism.

Sometimes people define all forms of paganism as being Earth-centered, but that is incorrect. While there is a large focus on the Earth, not all pagan religions are Earth-centered. And Earth-worship…seems to be lacking an important thing, in this day and age, and that thing would be an actual understanding of the Earth, local climate, seasonal shifts, etc.

I think science should very much be a part of paganism, especially paganism that focuses heavily on the Earth. Learning more about the actual reasons why seasonal shifts occur, why storms come in the winter in California, how and why the height of the…

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Author: Morag

Morag Spinner is a writer, a witch, and an activist (sometimes all three) living in British Colmbia, Canada. Zie's fat and genderqueer, and zie crafts all manner of things, from spell jars to duct tape bags to shawls to blankets to random bits of kitsch. Zie's obsessed with chocolate and listens to far too much Evanescence.

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