Snow White (For Me and A)

this poem screamed to be reblogged here. seriously, read it.

And The Kitchen Sink

We are the motherless girls
lost in the forest
living in a cottage
full of enemies
because somehow this is safer

than tearing our hearts from our chests
to please her

we know the danger
but so many times
we answer the door anyway
and take the trinkets
because this time they won’t be poisoned
this time…
this time…
this time….

We wore the ribbons and combed our hair
but all of her sustenance was poison

enough to make us choke

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Author: Morag

Morag Spinner is a writer, a witch, and an activist (sometimes all three) living in British Colmbia, Canada. Zie's fat and genderqueer, and zie crafts all manner of things, from spell jars to duct tape bags to shawls to blankets to random bits of kitsch. Zie's obsessed with chocolate and listens to far too much Evanescence.

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